Hoover discs (W)

Hoover discs (W)

Take 1 of these highly scented hoover discs and place inside your hoover, preferably where the filter is to keep your hoover and fill your home with your favourite fragrance. Each packet comes with 4 discs but only 1 is needed at a time. Please make sure you check your filter and wear gloves when touching hoover disc.


RRP £2.50 per pack.

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  • Safety Instructions

    When using our hoover discs, make sure you secure the disc within the filter of your hoover, making sure it is not touching any plastic on the hoover. Please ensure your room is well ventilated while hoovering. Use gloves to change discs and if any scent off the discs transfers onto your hands, wash thoroughly until scent can no longer be smelt on your hands.