New Lush scents Wax Dots

New Lush scents Wax Dots

Try our new lush scents in 30g bags of wax dots for just £5!

Black Pearl - A musky fruity fragrance featuring notes of strawberry, apple, raspberry, lemon and lime with a green, slightly camphorous heart and a touch of lavender resting on a base of musk, vanilla and woods.

Comforter - Licorice with notes of black currant with additions of bergamot and cypress. The accords mingle to create a scent that is warm, inviting, and comforting.

Misrule - A mysterious blend of rich patchouli and warm sandalwood. Citrus, vetiver and kisses of black pepper round out this fragrance.

Sleepy - A Calming Sleepy Fragrance with notes of lavender on white musk & warm woods